• Name: RoboTask 8.0
  • File Size: 109.05MB(32-bit)/117.21MB(64-bit)
  • Date: 5 Oct 2020
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $119.95
  • Eval: 30 days
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64-bit),
  • Hardware Requirements: Pentium IV 1200 MHz, 128MB RAM, 40MB hard drive.
  • Other Requirements: IE 5.0 or higher

RoboTask allows you to automate any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching web pages, to checking email, moving or backing up files to uploading or downloading, sending email and much more. The program allows you to easily create simple tasks, as well as highly complex automations, involving conditional IF/ELSE statements, loops, custom variables and other advanced options. It can accommodate just about any type of simple or complex automation, without the need to create batch files or write complicated scripts, as it uses a visual interface that allows you to simply select and combine actions to fit your needs. The extensive support for conditional actions allows you not only to create automated tasks, but to execute them automatically if certain conditions apply (e.g. if a file is moved, if your Internet connection cuts off, etc.). RoboTask can run as an NT Service, allowing you to have automated tasks take place, even if you are not logged on. Anyone can use RoboTask! Despite RoboTask's power and flexibility, it is very easy to use. No need to be a programmer - use RoboTask to build your own automated solutions quickly and easily. Just a few minutes with RoboTask will give you plenty of ideas on how you can increase your productivity. And, of course, everyone wants to avoid losing important data. Let RoboTask take care of it. Here are just some of the many things RoboTask can do for you: Run applications and open documents; Manage automatic backups; Alert you of any changes in your folders; Shut down Windows and power off your computer; Process files and folders (copy, move, rename, delete, etc.); Work with FTP and Web servers (download, upload, etc.); Send letters and files by e-mail; Act as an alarm clock and much more! To tell you the truth, that was just a tiny list of the things RoboTask can do! You can probably think of many other boring things you have to do on your computer. Why not let RoboTask do all of them for you?

  • New in this release:
    • Implemented Drag-and-Drop mechanism. You can drop task file into RoboTask from windows explorer. To drag the task from RoboTask use mouse with Shift-key pressed
    • You can paste task form text of the task directly. If Clipboard text contains the correct task information then RoboTask will add it.
    • New action “CEF Run Javascript”. This action available in trial period and for business license.
    • New action “Show Text” in dialogs group. It designed for large text.
    • Added “Get URL” option in “CEF Web Page Information” action
    • Optimized File monitor trigger for work with large amount of files (~ N*100000 files)
    • Changed default folder for service mode to ProgramData folder. This as universal folder for x32 and x64 editions of RoboTask.
    • Many other small optimizations, improvements and bug fixes.
  • Download links:

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  • Name: SQLRD SSRS Data Driven Automation 7.4.20191016
  • File Size: 550MB
  • Date: 22 Oct 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $1400.00
  • Eval: 30 days
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/Servers 2003/2008/2008r2/2012
  • Hardware Requirements: Not provided
  • Other Requirements: SQL Server Reporting Services

Data Driven & Automated SSRS Reports with SQL-RD:

  • SQL-RD is a dynamic, flexible, function-rich & intuitive automation tool for scheduling, exporting, distributing & delivering your Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports. Automate report delivery in SSRS & send the reports to printer, fax, folder, FTP, SMS, DropBox, Sharepoint & email in a number of formats including Excel, Word, PDF, Txt, CSV & more. SQL-RD contains powerful system, event triggered, data-driven & business process workflow functions which will make an instant impact on the efficiency of your business.

Automate SQL Reports:

  • Simply set up a 'schedule' stating how often you would like each report to run, whether you'd like the output in Word, Excel, HTML, RTF, Acrobat, XML or CSV & who it should be sent to. SQL-RD will do the automated delivery for you, delivering reports to folder, email, printer, fax, DropBox, Sharepoint, FTP or SFTP! You can even select, manage & schedule reports hosted in different SSRS instances.

Date & Time Scheduling:

  • Schedule SSRS Reports to run at a specific date & time, or to run them hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly or set up your own custom frequencies e.g. 4-4-3, every other day, third Monday of the month, & so on. And the same report can be scheduled to be run multiple times with different parameters, formats, frequencies, & destinations.

Event Triggers:

  • Respond to your business needs by setting schedules to run based on events & triggers rather than date. Add real-time monitoring to your SSRS Reports distribution process with SQL-RD's Event Based Schedules, reports are fired off when events occur e.g. database value is present, file is modified, window is open, an email is received, etc.

Dynamic & Data Driven:

  • Use SQL-RD's unique Dynamic & Data Driven Schedule processes to trawl through your database to find the parameter values to use & then generate & deliver a unique report for each value.

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