Mailing List Management

  • Name: Advanced Email Verifier 8.4.0
  • File Size: 15.6MB
  • Date: 5 Oct 2016
  • License: Demo
  • Price: $99.00
  • Eval: Limited features in Demo version
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10,
  • Hardware Requirements: Pentium III or higher, 512MB RAM, 30MB disk space, 256 colors.
  • Other Requirements: None.

List hygiene plays a role in the delivery race. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove bounced, undeliverable emails because a lot of ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender's email domain for repeated sending messages to non-existing email addresses.

  • With the Advanced Email Verifier you can:
    • Clear your email list or database from bounced and undeliverable email addresses that allows you update and keep your contact lists "clean" on a proactive basis. This means you can protect your email server domain from getting blacklisted and increase your email campaigns performance.
    • Decrease the Internet traffic and save your bandwidth which means you reduce your costs by focusing only on real prospects.
    • Quickly connect to a huge database containing millions emails and verify email addresses directly from the database without import-export - you save a lot of time and manual work. The AEV can connect to any ODBC compatible database like MS Access, MS SQL, MYSQL, Oracle etc.
    • Load large mailing lists for verification in seconds - big time saver!
    • Import email lists containing email addresses and other custom fields for verification from Paradox, DBase, Excel, Text (.CSV, Word HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro, XML, MS Access files, and DBISAM tables (.dat files) which means you don't lose any contact information such as first name, last name, company, phone, address etc.
    • Quickly save the verification results to a text file - for your convenience you can save good and bad emails to different files.
    • Export the email addresses together with custom fields to Paradox, DBase, Excel, Text (.CSV), HTML, Word, SYLK, DIF, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro, SQL script, XML, MS Access, Rich text format files, and MS Windows Clipboard.
    • Sort and filter the email addresses which means you can organize the contact information in the most convenient way for you.
    • Safely save and recover your data.
  • New in this release:
    • Improved: Bounced Manager rules.

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