Time & Attendance Software

  • Name: NCheck Bio Attendance Trial for Windows 5.0.70
  • File Size: 490.39MB
  • Date: 12 Oct 2020
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $105.00
  • Eval: 30 days (fully functional during trial period)
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Hardware Requirements: fingerprint or iris scanner, or a web cam
  • Other Requirements:

NCheck Bio Attendance is an automatic ready-to-use time tracking system with biometric fingerprint and face identification. May be used from employee attendance control to check-in at events, clubs, clinics, etc. Protection against human-factor errors or user fraud. Employee GPS logging (optional). User groups, shifts and schedule planning. Reports in XLS, PDF or CSV. Webcams and 90+ fingerprint reader models from 40+ manufacturers support.

  • Features include:
    • Ready-to-use attendance control automation system.
    • Fingerprint, face and iris biometrics protect against errors or user fraud.
    • GPS logging for remote employee location tracking.
    • Employee groups and configurable shifts.
    • Reports generation for users' attendance.
    • Cloud, client-server and stand-alone architectures.
    • Delayed database synchronization for remote locations.
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support.
    • Windows and Android supported.
    • Webcams, all major models of fingerprint scanners and iris scanners supported.

More info- Neurotechnology

  • Name: TimeCard Plus 3.7.1
  • File Size: 2.11MB
  • Date: 26 Jan 2017
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $149.95
  • Eval: 45 days
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, (32 and 64-bit supported)
  • Hardware Requirements: 512MB RAM 10MB Disk space
  • Other Requirements: None

TimeCard Plus tracks employee time and attendance information and records and calculates regular and overtime hours worked. It also records hours employees were not at work, by category. It automatically calculates benefit hours employees have earned (based on your company policies), and checks whether the employee has earned the benefit hours as they are taken. TimeCard Plus allows multi-user access so more than one person can access and update information at the same time. TimeCard Plus also features shift indicators and the ability to have different overtime policies for different employees. Up to 4 sets of punch-in and punch-out times can be entered for each day. TimeCard Plus is particularly useful for employers who primarily pay employees on an hourly basis. Hours Worked and Time Off Hours reports can be generated in summary and in detail, for selected employees or selected departments for a user specified period of time. If employee wages are entered into the program, the Hours Worked report can also include gross wages for the time period reported. A shift differential can also be added to the gross wages for those employees working second or third shifts. A Benefit Balances report can be printed periodically and given to employees to show them exactly how much time they have taken and how much time they have left for each benefit. Data Import and Export capabilities allow you to pass information stored in TimeCard Plus to other software packages you may use. A Manager Access password prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information and older records. You enter the punch-in and punch-out times and TimeCard does the rest. TimeCard Standard also available. New in this release: Minor update, Windows 7/8/10 support. More info-Mycroft Computing