File & Folder Comparison

  • Name: FolderMatch 4.2.3
  • File Size: 9.86MB
  • Date: 6 Apr 2021
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $36.00
  • Eval: 30 days
  • Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/Servers 2003/2008/2008r2/2012
  • Hardware Requirements: Not provided
  • Other Requirements: Internet Explorer 11
  • Notes: n/a

FolderMatch is a program that compares two folders, displaying the differences in a side-by-side layout. You can quickly compare entire drives and folders, checking just file sizes and modified dates. Or, you can thoroughly compare every file byte-by-byte. You can filter the results to view only the differences or the matches. Or you can further filter the results by name, type, size, and modified date to see only the files youre interested in. Files and subfolders may be copied/moved/deleted/renamed, and their timestamps changed.

FolderMatch can also compare files by their text content, showing the difference in a side-by-side layout.It can perform text content comparisons on text files and other document formats such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Open Document files, Adobe PDF, Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML and XML files. It supports both the older and newer X versions of these formats.The program provides options so you see only the differences that matter to you.Ignore white space and letter case differences when comparing the text. View all lines or only those that are different. View differences at the character, word, or line-level. You can also configure the output to show line numbers and formatting characters such as white space, tabs, and end-of-line characters.

Boasting one of the fastest search engines available, FolderMatch can quickly locate all your duplicate files. Even if the file names are different, the program can quickly find the duplicates and help you remove them. You can specify criteria for what constitutes a duplicate file (same name, size, date, and/or content), what type of files to search for (all file types, application, audio, document, image, text, video), and what files to include or exclude. Quickly select the files to remove and safely remove them in one of several ways.You can easily recover files you've moved if needed. More info-Salty Brine Software