Network Admin

  • Name: VanDyke ClientPack for Windows, Mac and UNIX 9.2.3
  • File Size: 16.0MB
  • Date: 5 Aug 2022
  • License: Shareware
  • Price: $59.95
  • Eval: 30 days (fully functional with tech support)
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1/10/Servers 2012/2012r2/2016/2019
  • Hardware Requirements: no info provided
  • Other Requirements: n/a
  • Language support: n/a
  • Notes: n/a

Developer's Description: VanDyke ClientPack is a suite of tools for automating file transfer, shell, and public-key administration tasks, saving you time on routine administration and configuration tasks. VRALib, a key component of the ClientPack, is a COM and .NET API that enables custom scripting of SSH2 connections in Windows. ClientPack command-line utilities include: vsftp, an interactive SFTP command-line utility for secure file transfer; vcp, a command-line file transfer utility; vsh, a command-line shell utility; vkeygen, a public/private key generator utility; and vpka, a command-line tool for uploading keys to Secure Shell servers. All utilities support password, public-key (RSA, DSA, and Smart Cards using X.509), Kerberos v5 (via GSSAPI), and keyboard-interactive authentication when connecting to SSH2 servers. ClientPack provides Secure Shell encrypted logon and session data, including vsh port forwarding to secure TCP/IP data, X11 forwarding, and vcp and vsftp for secure SFTP file transfers. VanDyke ClientPack includes a 30-day evaluation license for the fully-functional application and technical support. More info-VanDyke Software Inc.